Our debut album 'Modern Values' is out now! Get your copy (CD / LP) here: 

You can stream and download the entire record now by clicking HERE! The date for the official digital release via iTunes is October 5th!

Modern Values Tour:
15.10.12 AT - Schlachthaus, Dornbirn w/Hawthorne Heights
20.10.12 CH - Mundwerk, Oerlikon w/Accelerators
17.11.12 CH - Inch Club, Fiesch w/Allys Fate
30.11.12 CH - Treibhaus, Luzern w/Cancer
01.12.12 CH - Kulturwerk118, Sursee w/Sonic Boom Six
07.12.12 CH - Kreuzkeller, Herzogenbuchsee w/Cancer
14.12.12 CH - Stoffel, Widnau w/Nofnog
15.12.12 CH - Moshpit, Naters w/Cancer
20.12.12 CH - Neustadt52, Schaffhausen w/The Caulfield Cult
05.01.13 CH - Zwischenbühne, Horw w/TBA

More dates to be announced soon! If you want to set up a show for us please write to: